Mr Fox's - Smart bags and briefcases

The Smart Bag for the Modern Man

Mr Fox's Bag is available on Kickstarter now!

Smart technologies to make your day simpler

Mr Fox's Bag is packed with unique technological features which will make your work more efficient and life more effortless

Track Essentials

Never lose your important items such as notebook, keys or wallet thanks to the built-in item tracker

Charge Gadgets

Charge your laptop, phone or tablet on the go through a powerful battery

Find the Bag

Link the bag with your phone so you can find it wherever it is hiding

Premium materials and manufacturing

Mr Fox's Bag is made from the finest Italian leather and brass metal hardware. Each bag is hand-made by manufacturers who also stitch bags for high-end Italian brands.


Mr Fox's blog is the place for us to share our journey with everyone. We will be writing about developments with the bag, tips and tricks we learned along the way and give exclusive previews of new materials.

The story of Mr Fox’s

The story of how we got started and what inspired us to embark on a mission to create the best bag for a modern man.